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Open Roles

Sales manager

If you like calling and you know how music works, join us and help thousands of music teachers around the world to get funding for best of class music education!

Web developer

Join us, if you know how to write CSS & JavaScript and want to use your skills for a greater good, while having a well paid job and amazing coleagues.

Music methodic

If you have have experience in teaching music to children and you love to help other people, join us to create amazing lesson plans and workshops for music teachers.

Data gatherer (part time)

If you can find a needle in the internet... ok it's not that hard... if you can find school contacts in the the internet, join us for a part time job you can combine with you studies.

Android developer

If you know how to code in Android and want to work on something meaningful and fun (yes... it's a music education app ;), join our team of web and mobile developers!

Music creator

If you know how to write music in Sibelius and have an understanding how the structure of song works, help us in building our library of songs.

Sound engineer

We are looking for a person who can do a great sounding song production (but not perfect) using combination of MIDI and live recordings. Can you do it?

Our Values

We believe that the best way to learn music is to actually experience it. Do you remember the joy you felt when listening to your favourite song? That's the feeling we want to give to children who learn music at school. It's also the feeling we get when building the future of music education. Here are our core values:

Creating for the people

We build products for people not the sake of innovation. It means everything we do has to bring value to music teachers and students around the world. We use Agile in our daily work and we expect our team to be flexible, empahtic and value focused. It also means our work is meanignful and fulfilling.

Music that inspires

Our company is bouilt around the passion for music. We see that music inspires children to become better, to explore themselves and their creativity. Our team has to share this passion for music and belief that it makes the world a more beautiful place.

Accessible education

We belive that education is the key to personal growth, mastery and self exploration. Our team believes in mission to make quality music education acessible to more people around the world.

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer you the same salary a big corporation or agency would pay you, but it's not all about money right?

Regular Outings

We like fun, culture and great conversations, And most of our team likes pizza, What else do you need to have a great evening!

Travel Opportunities

As our users are from more than 50 countries and our other office is in Sweden, there are regular opportunities for travel.


Flexible Office Hours

We do not count hours. We work in teams where results and honest attidude towards each other is what counts.

Paid Vacation

Paid vacations and sick leaves are something are something we consider basic guarantees of all employees.


Growth & Stability

Our company is backed by major Swedish and Latvian investors. It means an imense opportunity for growth together with stability for the future.

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