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Built for a truly imerssive learning expereince that excite the senses

Solfeg.io is an interractive app for learning and teaching music. It features premium sound and song selection from popular artists like Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande.

For teachers

Gear-up your classroom with visually captivating technology. It highlightes the content you wish to deliver and makes learning exhilarating.

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For learning music

Learn to sing, play guitar, piano or ukulele. Our ‘smart bot’ will guide you step by step. It’s simple, quick and highly intuitive.

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For parents & kids

Use technology to enhance and unlock your kids senses. Guided by our ‘smart bot’ kids can learn to play any instrumet in few simple steps.

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Songs that will make your heart sing!

Needs some text here why songs are amazing way to learn music.

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Gain skills with confidence! We’ll guide you in every step.

Should write something about musical journeys and lesson plans

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Use it with classmates, friends and family

Solfeg.io is uniquily made for playing songs together with others

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Music is like a language. Anyone can learn it. You just need someone to talk to!

Solfeg.io makes learning and playing together a lot easier.

Solfegio Lesson Plan

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