Hybrid learning

We can’t predict the future, but we can be certain that school this year will be different. Read about our response and help to schools affected by Covid-19
It's free for schools

Solfeg.io enables music programs to adapt safely to schools being open or closed

In the 2022-23 academic year, educators will need to be prepared to teach both in school and online. This is why we have adapted Solfeg.io for hybrid learning. It will help you with online teaching and in-person teaching.
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Use Solfeg.io safely in classroom,
for hybrid learning and fully remote

Here are some of the things we do to make this transition much easier, including a special offer for your school
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Blended Learning

Digital tool for in-classroom teaching and self-directed classes that can easily be completed from anywhere

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Simple Reporting

Comprehensive student statistics dashboard and a recording app which both make reporting easy

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Smaller Budgets

It is no secret that school budgets will be smaller this year - in response, we are offering a Free Plan

Hybrid learning

How it works?

Set up a virtual music classroom in simple 3 steps with features for easy assigning, independent learning and assessment.  
Use Solfeg.io lesson templates and record a short video. Then upload to your school's LMS
Students open a link to Solfeg.io and use the interactive features to practice music
Look at student practice data or video recordings to monitor their progress
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“During the Distance Learning period, with constant support from the team, I was able to log our children in, introduce them to the site and introduce new music skills. The children really enjoyed interacting with the site.”

Carole Ansell
SAFA British School

Common Questions

What can I get with the free plan?
The free plan includes 30 free songs, inviting unlimited number of students, lesson plans and ideas for all major topics, as well as features like tempo change and others.
How often do you release new content?
We release a new song each Monday.
How can Solfeg.io help me with teaching online?
We have made lesson plans for distance learning. You can find them here. You can also request topics for online lesson plans.
What technological requirements do I need?
Since Solfeg.io is an online platform, you will need a computer and internet access. If you teach in a classroom setting, you will need a projector or an online screencast. Solfeg.io will work best on the Chrome browser.

How can I send assignments to my students?
We have implemented Google Classroom in Solfeg.io so you can send assignments directly to your students.
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Our Forever Free plan is designed for schools with budget limitations and includes many popular songs that your students will love
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