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Teach students instruments and help them understand how music works by playing well known songs together in school and at home!

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Solfeg.io is an app that helps deliver the curriculum in a digital way. It showcases the melody, chords and rhythm of a song in real time. It provides an exciting hands-on experience and an effective approach in explaining music theory behind it.

Use it with a projector or online screencast

Visually captivating display with top-hit songs showcasing the lyrics, melody, chords and rhythm.

Results that impress

Inspired students learning at home

79% of students want to learn music at home after using Solfeg.io

Better discipline and more happiness

86% of school report a more positive atmosphere and better discipline

Save your time and reach your goals

92% of teachers report Solfeg.io saves preparation time and helps to realise curriculum goals.

Making your work easier

For any type of classroom and level

The app can be used with any available instrument and is great for any classroom size!

Lesson plans and home-tasks for every topic

Free lesson plans that go hand in hand with the app and specific songs

Songs that will impress your students

Music library featuring songs following the latest trends in the music industry

Dashboard with unlimited student invitations

Teachers can invite unlimited count of students to use the app for group-work or homework

Customize your teaching experience

Use features like adjustable speed, backing track and multi-player display

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