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Get 6 stunning ukuleles for your class by joining the Teachers’ Raffle!

Written by Ausmints

As the end of 2020 is slowly approaching, Solfeg.io in collaboration with Enya Music has bought to you an exciting yet simple-to-enter Teachers’ Raffle! You’ve been great this semester, and we appreciate the work you’ve done as music teachers. Now’s the time to reap the rewards - 5 stunning ukuleles for your classroom, plus 1 for your lucky student!

Any teacher on the Free, Maestro, and Virtuoso plans can participate! But how to enter?

Each of the students signed up to your Solfeg.io dashboard between August 1 and November 30 will be automatically entered into the raffle!

So all you have to do is invite your students to Solfeg.io using the unique invitation link located on your dashboard. To read more about how to invite students to Solfeg.io, click here.

Once your students join Solfeg.io using your unique invitation, they get the same access to Solfeg.io as you do. They can choose the classes and learn their favorite songs in their free time. We’ve had parents tell us that their kids love using Solfeg.io during road trips, and now is the perfect time for them to learn the songs they might want to perform for the Holidays!

And thanks to our amazing partners Enya Music, the class with the lucky student will receive the prize of 6 magnificent ukuleles in total!

Five brand new ukuleles for the class, and one for the winning student to keep. We will ship them right to your school!

Enya Music ukuleles have uncompromising quality, bright tone, innovative design, legendary sound, and material that does not get easily damaged and is super easy to clean! Enya Music share our love for music, and their commitment for innovation has led to them creating the Nova U ukuleles. Made from carbon fiber, they’re perfect for young music students and classroom use, as they do not get damaged when cleaned.

Don’t miss the chance to get six brand new ukuleles for your students! All you have to do to win is ensure that the students are real and their emails work. The winning student email (with teacher CC’d) will be the one to receive the announcement and instructions for receiving the prize.

What if you have already invited all your students?

All of the students that have joined your school plan starting August 1, 2020 and ending November 30, 2020 enter the raffle

Music literacy matters, and you’re doing a great job! Thank you.

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