How to start using Solfeg.io?

Let's get started in 3 steps!

Step 1: Choose a song!

Choose a song you know and like from our song library. You can search by name or filter using the chords in the song or other convenient filters.



Step 2: Choose your instrument!

You can play the rhythm with percussion instruments, sing along to the melody and lyrics, or play the chords on ukulele, keyboard or Orff instrument. The choice is up to you and the instruments you have at hand.




Guitars & Ukuleles

Pianos & Keyobards




Orff instruments

Recorders & Solo Instruments

Bass guitars

Step 3: Play along! 

Once you have selected a song, you will see an audio player that shows the sheet music for melody, chords and rhythm in real time with a studio quality recording of the song. Follow the song and sing or play along.



Are you a music teacher? Download our free lesson plan. 

Solfegio Lesson Plan

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