How to self teach guitar from home? How long would I have to practice guitar to become an expert player? Is it hard to play guitar? All of these and more are the common questions that every guitarist used to ask while starting their learning journey!

The guitar is a fun instrument to play and for most guitarists teaching themselves to play guitar is the only option. Hiring a teacher or guitar lessons are so expensive and out of their reach. Therefore, in this scenario, Solfeg.io app could be a great option to make their journey hell easy!

This guide has only been written specifically for those guitarists who have a tight budget and can’t find time to follow the lesson plans due to a strict schedule. With Solfeg.io, they would do enough practice and can start playing like a pro!

Even if it is not clear how useful an app could be in letting you learn the guitar, give a read to this post!

Positives and negatives of learning guitar by yourself

Learn at your own paceNot knowing where to look next
Choose songs you likeHopping on the wrong level
Skip all unnecessary theoryCan lose motivation

Can You Teach Yourself Guitar?

Teach yourself guitar

If you are questioning whether you can teach yourself guitar, then the answer is an absolute yes. It could be an issue a long time ago due to the unavailability of different learning resources we have today. But now, a long list of options is available, so you need to choose the one which suits you the best and can help you learn the guitar in the best way.

So, if you are looking for how to learn guitar by yourself, the internet has made everything easy for you. You can get an incredible number of database resources and can start learning guitar at home. Moreover, you can hire an instructor, as he will teach you the right way to play the guitar.

Unfortunately, many passionate learners cannot opt for this expensive option. They always look for some of the cheap and the most effective ways to learn the guitar. A mobile application seems to be an outstanding platform to learn the guitar from the multiple available options, including YouTube, online classes, CDs, or other videos.

You have to install the application and you can start learning the guitar. With this mobile application, learning guitar by yourself could not be an issue. The incredible features of mobile applications can make your entire learning pretty straightforward and effective!

So, install the app and start learning the guitar by yourself even today

How To Start Learning Guitar By Yourself?

The guitar is the best instrument to learn, and there are thousands of reasons because of which you must teach yourself to play guitar. But, have you ever thought whether getting a guitar would be enough to teach yourself to play guitar?

So, you must start looking for how to learn to play guitar by yourself, but if you are getting worried, would that be effective, or how would that be possible? Here, we have just outlined the best and the most effective way to teach yourself guitar.

Just read this step-by-step guide patiently and find how to learn guitar self taught. We have tried to explain everything effectively to you!

Get Familiarity With Guitar

The instrument is cheap to purchase, and you can take it anywhere you want; these are some of the most appealing benefits that attract all the learners' attention. But, can I learn guitar by myself is the question that remains in new guitarists' minds.

Everyone is well aware of how difficult the first step is. It is essential to learn to crawl before you walk, and the same is in the present case. When you teach yourself the guitar, try to get yourself familiar with the guitar, learn the essential tips and tricks at the first step.

Firstly, get the guitar of your choice and build confidence in yourself. It takes enormous courage and strength to learn the guitar at home by yourself. Therefore you need to be more patient and practice the guitar basics regularly before playing the most difficult tunes or songs.

You can start learning the names of the strings or other parts of the guitar; it would help you identify the guitar's tones or notes. Later on, practice on the more advanced levels like playing songs and reading the tablature.

Use The Guitar Lesson Apps

Many people will tell you don’t try to learn guitar by yourself and instead hire a teacher. It is a fact, learning the way to play the guitar becomes pretty more accessible and quick when you have a teacher. But, remember that hiring teachers is not the only solution.

The teacher would let you learn guitar, but you can you self teach guitar? The only thing that matters is the selection of proper resources to practice. If you want to know the guitar by yourself or at home, the most effective way is to use a mobile application. The incredible features of the mobile apps make your learning journey easy and effective.

Remember that every beginner needs to learn the basics before practicing the songs or other styles of music. And, the Solfeg.io app offers you a set of planned guitar lessons where you can begin learning from the very basics and become a pro-player very soon. Because of this reason, the app has become a great way to learn guitar.

Learn guitar by yourself with solfeg.io app

The best part of using the app is the availability of lessons. You can make the schedule according to your feasibility and can start practicing at any time.
The following are the advantages and incredible features which app offers to all guitar learners:

  • Lessons available according to different skill-levels including first-tier, beginner, and advanced levels to teach guitar
  • Easy, fast, and effective learning through step-by-step classes
  • 100+ songs for practice from other famous artists
  • Slow down or speed up the tempo according to your needs
  • Customized classes
  • Practice your favorite songs; kids friendly songs are also available and get new songs every week
  • Besides guitar, you can also learn other instruments like piano
  • You can also use the mute option while practicing
  • Get feedback from the musicians, with this app, you can convert your passion into skills and  professional sound quality is a plus of using this app

In addition, if you feel the need to understand the fundamental music theories or want to get a basic understanding of notes, you can teach yourself guitar app. The learning process is dependent on your passion. So, instead of just stressing about how to self taught guitar, download “Solfeg.io,” pick your favorite song, and start practicing.

Train Your Ears

When you are searching for how to self learn guitar, it is equally important to know how to train your ears. To become an expert guitarist, you must develop the skills and sense of music that would not be possible if you didn’t train your ears.

So, it would be best to listen to a wide range of music, as it is an excellent approach to extend your prospect regarding music. For a professional guitarist, it is crucial to train his ears as he used to train his fingers while playing beautiful tunes on guitar!

What a trained guitarist used to do? He keeps on practicing all types of notes over and over again. It helps him become quicker to pick the best songs, and it is just the training of his ears. Therefore, practice as it is the only way which would let you become more efficient.

And in this regard, you would find Solfeg.io as one of the best applications. Here, you can explore a wide range of songs, choose one of your favorites, and start practicing. The app is effective for fast learning and would work especially for you!

Practice Everyday

Are you still confused about how to learn guitar yourself? The answer is to practice each day. Think of practicing the guitar just like you think about the workout. For instance, when you go to the gym and do the workout for different body parts, you must practice chords, learn notes and train your fingers and ears.

Start your practice by starting simply from the tunes or simple notes, and soon you can go for the actual songs. Practice is the only way to make yourself perfect, and for this purpose, Solfeg.io would be a great option. So, every time you learn a new note or scale, never forget to practice.

How To Learn Guitar Beginners?

How can I teach myself to play guitar? It is a common question which most beginners used to ask. There are so many ways to do so, but the most reliable method isSolfeg.io. The app has everything and thus is a perfect place to start for all beginners.

So, do not ask can I self learn guitar. Download the app and staring learning to play guitar. Through this application, you can learn the music theory, practice your favorite songs, and schedule the lessons according to your availability.

If being a beginner, it is difficult for you to learn the acoustic or electric guitar, have a look over here:

Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar

It is straightforward to teach yourself acoustic guitar beginners. First, you need to get basic knowledge about the guitar. The best thing is that self teach acoustic guitar is pretty simple as compared to the electric guitar. Remember that with the acoustic guitar, there is no need to stress amplification.

So, when playing the acoustic guitar, make sure that both of your arms are free from all sorts of obstructions. Moreover, it is pretty necessary to know about the essential parts of the guitar. And, once you get familiarity with acoustic guitar, it will become easy to play. Moreover, for quick learning, you can also follow the learning sessions available at Solfeg.io.

Teach Yourself Electric Guitar

Well, learning and playing the electric guitar is an enjoyable and worth considering experience. And, you can make this experience more memorable by getting the required equipment, and do not forget to learn the chords and scales of the guitar first.

Most of the experts recommend using the app for learning the electric guitar. The solfeg.io guitar learning app has some excellent lesson plans and offers you advanced ways to learn the guitar. Therefore, you would be able to learn more easily and quickly.

How To Teach Yourself Guitar Chords?

The combination of two or more notes makes the chords. And, many self taught guitarists to find it pretty challenging to learn the chords. But do you know that learning the guitar chords could not be an issue but not withSolfeg.io? The app offers you many practice lessons, so use them and make yourself a perfect guitarist.

Even if you have confused about how to teach myself guitar chords, start from the basics. Every player must learn the chords first like Em, C, or major C, then G, and learn D at the end. So, pick yourself up chords from any of these, and the only thing you must consider while playing the chords is that every note must be loud and clear for hearing!

How Hard Is It To Learn Guitar By Yourself?

Every time you start learning guitar, the question which will pop up in your mind will be how hard is it to learn guitar by yourself? Instead of thinking about is it hard to teach yourself guitar or not, look for some of the best ways and easiest ways to teach yourself guitar.

Though, it is difficult for many of us, especially when we are not following the right pathway. You can follow the YouTube videos, read the articles, or go online tutorials for effective learning.

But from all of these, you would find Solfeg.io more effective. The app has various planned lessons to make your learning process easy, quick and effective. And don’t forget to use the practice self taught guitar lessons available there.

Which One Is More Effective: Self Taught Guitar vs Lessons

So if you have been asking others to teach me how to play guitar, go and teach yourself guitar YouTube as it is simple and easy. Moreover, you can also check the self teach guitar lessons.

But, the most critical point to consider here is that from guitar lessons vs self taught, which one would be more effective in your case?

Well, the debate for guitar lessons vs self taught will keep on going but without any doubt, self taught guitar lessons have been proved far better than the other options. For instance, if you are teaching yourself guitar, you would not have to look for a teacher. You can buy the guitar and can start learning to play it.

The self-teaching is a trial and succeed-based strategy, and therefore self taught guitarists are always more confident and develop polished skills. You benefit from different platforms (music books, videos, CDs,) but you need a reliable platform like our app offers you proper lessons.

Tips For Learning To Play Guitar By Yourself

So, if you have finally decided to learn the guitar and are just ready to start your journey, here we bring some helpful tips to teach yourself guitar for beginners. You can follow all of these depending on your feasibility to get some wonderful results:

Get A Guitar Which You Love

Buy a guitar which you find pretty. It will look simple to you, but it could be an effective strategy to keep yourself motivated and passionate about learning. You would feel love, a deep connection, and a bond with the guitar; it would urge you to play it. So, buying the guitar which grabs your attention at the shop can do wonders for you in the end!

Learn How To Read The Guitar Tabs

You can find the different music notations in written form; they are also known as the music tabs and are more popular than the standard notations. So, start learning these tabs first, as they would help you understand the guitar itself.

Follow Structured Learning

On YouTube, you can find so many videos on how to learn guitar by yourself. But, remember that all of these lessons are not structured and would never help you out. Moreover, all of the other available videos or single lessons are not planned. But with the app, you can get structured and well-planned lessons, which makes it an effective way to learn guitar, especially for beginners.

Make Your Learning Fun

The lessons available on YouTube could be boring and even confusing, but you can get various songs that would never let you get bored with our mobile application. The practice lessons available where you can play the guitar as much as you want and the availability of a long list of different songs would make learning more fun!

Play With Others

You can play solely, but playing with others could offer you an excellent opportunity to learn more. And, as you will play in front of others, you will feel more confident, and for a beginner, it is pretty important to see how their skills can affect others.

Design A Lesson Plan to Teach Yourself The Guitar

After learning the basic chord or notes, the next thing you must do is plan the practice sessions for yourself.  And while playing the guitar during these scheduled sessions, push yourself to know or earn the most challenging notes. And remember that only this way you would be able to play the most difficult songs!


The feel of playing the guitar is just different. But, it is regrettable to quote here that many of us start learning the guitar with great zeal and zest but soon stop practicing.

There can be several reasons. For instance, for many people, age is a factor. If you want to learn guitar, never think about your age, as it will never affect your learning. Furthermore, most people quit learning because they either fail to find the time to attend the classes or cannot afford the teacher.So, if you are facing the same issues, learn guitar by yourself. And, our app would be a blessing for you. You can learn everything, even if you don’t have enough knowledge of the guitar. The app can offer everything, from theory to practice lessons, thus making their learning hell easy.