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Boost engagement in your music class

The app adapts to your learning environment and the students interests to create the most engaging music education experience for teachers and students alike. 

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Student engagement is the key to social emotional learning

Improved student engagement

Engagement is critical for student learning, and the use of popular music in the classroom has been proven to engage students.  When authentically engaged, students show improvements in academic achievements, helping them develop the motivation to continue learning.

Increased grades in core subjects

Students who have experience with music performance or have an appreciation for it tend to score higher on standardized tests.

Increased probability of graduation

Music keeps kids interested and engaged in school. Students who play an instrument are more likely to stay in school and get better grades in other subjects.

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Saves preparation time

92% of teachers report that Solfeg.io saves preparation time and helps to realize curriculum goals

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Better class discipline

86% of schools report a more positive atmosphere and better discipline

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Want to learn music at home

79% of students agree that they want to learn music at home after using Solfeg.io


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“The app is amazing for demonstration and singing along. Kids like modern songs, they make them more engaged. It's easier to get their interest with Solfeg.io!”


Music teacher, Sweden

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Our starter plan is free and it's designed for those who would like to test the product in classroom or kick-start learning themselves

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Save time

Use our lesson plans and classes that go hand in hand with songs from our music library to save preparation time for teachers

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Learning teamwork

Playing together develops better communication, helps to teach how to work together, and builds collaboration skills

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Fighting stress and anger

Learning music helps to reduce anxiety, stress, anger, and agitation and improves moods for both individual students and the whole class


To make music education more engaging, accessible and effective

Our team is working with general and private music institutions to empower students with modern materials and research that contributes to modern music education.


We will inspire 20M teens to learn music by the year 2024

We imagine a world where picking up an instrument is as common as going for a run. There are no constraints and limitations for youth to pick up music as their hobby.

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Lesson plans

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👉 Join 10000+ schools and thousands of students

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