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From general music to online teaching. Learn where Solfeg.io works the best.

It’s free for schools

General music lessons

With Solfeg.io, you can teach music theory, music history, and musical instruments through popular songs that students connect to readily while motivating them with practical activities to reinforce their learning. 

Understanding music theory through a song that they know and like helps students relate to their studies and understand the real-life application of music knowledge. 

Online learning

Simply assign songs and self-directed classes as home tasks and inspire students to continue their practice at home.

With our statistics you will see each students activity and progression of skills. Our recording app will make submitting their homework a breeze.

Anna's story

Anna, a music teacher in Saint Exupery international school shared her inspiring story on how she's using Solfeg.io in her lessons and the difference it made. 

Modern bands & after-school classes

After finishing general music classes, students can continue playing in a modern band or can use Solfeg.io for assigned after-school music lessons

Learn sight-reading

Practice musical instruments

Play popular songs together


Private teaching

If you are a private music teacher, Solfeg.io will be the perfect tool for engaging your students and assigning practical tasks. 

Solfeg.io gets the results you need

By blending scientific research and popular music into an effective and engaging tool for music education





"I teach High School choir, grades 9-12. I came across a message board that listed this site as one of their top 5 music classroom resources. My students love it!"


Music teacher, USA

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What learning levels does Solfeg.io support?

You can categorize songs from our library by different learning levels - easy, medium, and hard. These levels are shown separately for all vocals and each instrument.

What age groups will Solfeg.io work best with?

Solfeg.io has been proven to work best for middle school-aged and older students, but depending on your curriculum, it can work great for younger students as well.

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Features & Benefits

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Outcomes & Case Studies

Increased engagement rates and classroom discipline


Lesson plans

Ready-made lesson templates with attachments


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