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Solfeg.io is the best thing I have used in music class in all of my years teaching. It's right in line with what I have been trying to do my entire career as a teacher; teach music to the students that they truly enjoy.
I love Solfeg.io!!

Terry Davito

Blue Ridge District 18

"""I absolutely love the program! The kids love it and learned so much using it."""

Danielle Mitton

Pearl River Elementary School, USA

"It is truly the Renaissance of teaching music! Before, the subject felt very theoretical, but now my students see the reason why they have to learn notes and rhythms – to be able to play songs that they like and are trendy. Now, they see the practical connection with music theory."

Ilona Allena

Priekulu High-school

I love this product! I like that different characteristics can be changed. I’ve used it in my music class at school. I look forward to more songs.

Richard Gardner

Hope Elementary

I like that there's a unique variety of different songs to choose from and that you can change chords.


7th grade

"Solfeg.io is a fantastic way to successfully incorporate a huge range of music into your teaching in an interactive and engaging way."

Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School, Australia

I came across Solfeg looking for remote learning solutions as our school was closing due to COVID. Solfeg.io was as good a solution as I’ve seen. Probably the best solution actually.

Michael Newton

St George’s Anglican Grammar School

The students do like the songs and I think the selection is great. The app is fairly easy to use. We have received a very positive feedback about the Solfegio app from our students.

Daniel Molly

Internationella Engelska Skolan Västerås

I used solfeg.io when we were learning a song as a group, it was great because it made it easier to learn the song on both piano and guitar. It also has a useful function so you can slow down the songs, that makes it easier to keep up. It was also great that they have a lot of the songs that are currently popular.


8th grade

I came across Solfeg.io and was absolutely floored with it. What an awesome tool!! I’m really excited to use it in classes to break apart a song and show how all of the layers work together to make everything come to life!

Craig Harmann

Minister of Music and Celebration, St. Timothy Lutheran Church

I like it. Need to use more.


6th grade

Students really like the songs and are putting more effort into learning.

Carolie Willoughby

O. Henry Middle School

I think that Solfeg.io is a really good site. I am a pianist and I wanted to try something new. I always wanted to play guitar and Solfeg.io helped me a lot. Now I have learned some notes and can play simple songs.


8th grade

Classes were fantastic, especially for the 10th grade! They were so happy. Thank you very much!

Ilze Kolesnikova

Siguldas Valsts ģimnāzija

Super, I'm amazed! It's so good that both kids who know how to play musical instruments and those who don't can play together.

Anita Berzina

Laurencu Primary School

I like that most of the songs are new and popular and all class can play and sing together


6th grade

Awesome, I'm excited! It's so great that it's possible to engage both - the students who can play the instruments and those who can't.

Anda Klave

Adazu Highschool

I like it a lot. I want to use this app more


6th grade

This program was fantastic! When the class ends, no one wants to give back the instruments. 6th grade discovered some new talents! Gradually I'm involving more and more students. I've tried Solfeg.io with all children whom I teach. So far they've all loved it!

Daiga Ducena

Cesu Special Boarding School

This web-application, next to Soundtrap, is one of my favourites. I find the app to be extremely effective for both full-class and individual practice. It's hard to imagine before this I was making powerpoint presentations for each of the songs. Now I can spend my time actually helping my students rather than finagling with technology!

Gillian Desmarais

Pioneer Charter School of Science

I think Solfeg.io is an amazing website that you can learn a lot from. I used it in class when I needed help with the piano chords and for the lyrics. I liked it because it was so simple to use and you learned from it. It also has a good variety of songs and pretty new songs too. I really recommend it!!!


8th grade

I REALLY like this product, and as a music educator, I am envisioning different ways I can use the program in the classroom. I like that there is a wide variety of songs, with different styles.

Ryan Ballantyne

Central Lutheran School

The kids really love the app and they love the songs that they all know. We also learn to read music better by following the marked line that displays as the music is running. I put the app up on the projector. Keep up what you are doing, it's a great app.

Linda Escobar


In my opinion I think that this lesson is really good in teaching because the give an example with a song to practice which may be helpful when not understanding. Another reason why I think is good because in the chat box the bot helps the person and explains to them when they don’t understand.


7th grade

I like the overall simple design of the app. It is easy for the students to follow along while playing.

Santtu Sevón


I teach High School choir, grades 9-12. I found out about solfeg.io looking for online music games and I came across a message board that listed this site as one of their top 5 music classroom resources. So I thought I'd check it out. My students love it!

Lindsey Akin

Cumberland County High School

Solfeg.io has a wide variety of songs and is easy to learn how to use.


7th grade

Today I tried it with my class (year 5) and they loved it! We focused on the drums and they were basically sight-reading. It is very accessible and they asked to do it again next week. I will continue working with it this month and develop their rhythmic and piano skills.

Lina Van Dooren

International School of the Stockholm Region

My overall opinion is that these lessons were very entertaining and they seemed very fun to do, I can learn more about different songs.


8th grade

I like the fact that you get a good sound fast.

Fredrik Eliasson


Solfeg.io is a fantastic way to successfully incorporate a huge range of music into your teaching in an interactive and engaging way. Since beginning to use Solfeg.io, I have noticed a dramatic increase in student engagement. I am able to teach the class using a range of instruments much more effectively than before.

Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School

I absolutely love the program! The kids love it and learned so much using it.

Angela Boatner

Pearl River Elementary School

I’m just writing to say that I have been very pleased to discover your resources! I have been teaching music for some time and could have done with solfeg.io for my ukulele clubs in the past as this is essentially what we did - sing and play along to hit songs on youtube with music that I prepared.

Andrea Watson


I think that Solfeg.io is good because it has some good songs and it makes it easier to sing. It gives you a good rhythm and you can change the speed. It can also help you a lot as a new singer.


8th grade

The kids want to continue learning “Riptide”! They come to me and say: “Can’t we come and continue playing during the break?” There were no djembes in our class – after working with Solfeg.io, they have allocated three djembes for my class! They have learned all the necessary rhythms without my help – I’m so happy they are doing so well! Now, they play on their own, without any push needed from me – even the ones that I did not expect to be so interested! Everyone loves it.

Ilona Pakalne

Priekuli Highschool

It is really nice to have such a great online application to use.

Emily Huston

IES Landskrona (Sweden)

It’s the best app to learn new songs


6th grade

For students it was very useful because it is play-along version. It is easier for beginners to play with music.

Tiia Alahäivälä

FIN Variska

I think the fact that the songs are updated regularly is a big help as the classes are excited as to what’s coming next.

James Davies

Charlton Manor Primary School

I’ve been using in to play together in the classroom and it’s a great tool for the students to practice!

Jonas Bergroth

Enskilda Gymnasiet

I think solfeg.io is an amazing app for learning new songs. It’s easy to understand the rhythm and how it’s supposed to sound which helps alot. recommend recommend


8th grade

Solfeg.io is amazing! Such an excellent resource that I can really see helping a huge number of people with their rehearsals and when learning to read music.

Tom Spurgin

Producer, Music for Youth

I have so far used the app for 5th and 6th grade(11-12 years). It is useful to be able to mute song or instruments and also that you can slow the tempo. It`s easy to get the students start playing and catch their interest with the app, in order to get them motivated for further work. The students liked the design of the app and they liked the contemporary tunes. They thought it was fun and easy to understand.

Eva Nord

Färentuna Skola


Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School, Australia

I think it's a great tool so I want to give all my students the possibility to use it. I’ve been using in to play together in the classroom and it’s a great tool for the students to practice!

Jonas Bergroth

Enskilda Gymnasiet

In my opinion solfeg.io is a great website to learn new songs. I was introduced to it at school, but I use it as much at home too. It’s really easy to learn a new song and also new chords, it makes me really look forward to when we play in bands because it’s super fun and easy to play when we have solfeg.io as our guide line.


8th grade

The app is good for demonstration, sing along. Kids like modern songs, make them more engaged. Easier to get their interest.

Joshua Bennett

Vittra Rösjötorp

I have used Solfeg.io and I have enjoyed it a lot. This week after music theory test we sang We will rock you with 7th graders (about 13 years old). It was really joyful and relaxing for the students. It is really helpful for example when we do not have much time (like after test). And what is important, it is not only Youtube. I really like that students see real notes and music going in time. This I like, because there is nowadays often only lyrics and real chords. In school when we talk and learn about elements in music, this Solfeg.io view is so good. We have used Solfeg.io also with no hurry. Students are so happy when they learn to play from the beginning till the end following real music notes.

Erika Jokinen

Espoo International School

I liked solfeg.io because it was fun to use and you can learn how to play plenty of instruments and how to sing too, like how you should sing and play instruments.


8th grade

This was a good experiment to show that anyone can play or sing and have fun whilst doing it!

Elina Skuja

Fricis Brivzemnieks' Highschool

I was so surprised by the fact that my class actually does something! I was so happy when I made the whole class to do something together!

Beāte Vītiņa

Ramuli Primary School

"Solfeg.io "

Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School, Australia

Thank you, guys! Turns out my class is very talented and with great sense of rhythm!

Andris Muiznieks

Sigulda "Graduates Orchestra"

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