Engage your students to learn music

Provide an exciting hands-on learning experience to your students by playing songs they like together

"I'm very pleased to recommend this programme to any institution, school or education centre for music. Not only is this a wonderful programme for encouraging students to practice more - it also offers high quality instrumentation and a mix of different, exciting tools."

Eduard Grieznis

Professional music teacher in Exupery International School

"Solfeg.io is handy to use in your classroom on a daily basis. Your lesson plan is already made for different age groups, teaching beginners to advanced music students. It is great experience playing together!"

Ruta Kanteruka

Music teacher and national coordinator of Europian Association for Music in Schools

"Solfegio is easier to use and, certainly, more clear and pleasant to listen to than any of the educational tools I have used before."

Heribert Schroeder

Professional music teacher

A song for anything you want to teach

Solfeg.io makes it easy to learn a melody, chords and rhythm of a song in real time. It provides an exciting "hands-on" experience and an effective approach in explaining music theory behind it.

Easily play music together

Solfegio makes learning and playing together a lot easier. It adjusts to different levels of experience, your classroom size and the music instruments available. Just pick a song and start playing!
music teaching app solfegio

Save time with individual assignments

Our music teaching app creates an extra motivation to learn and makes sure your students can practice individually in the classroom or at home. They will feel like rock stars and ask for more and more songs.

Content that's tailored for education needs

Guide your students through different music genres knowing the lyrics will be safe to use

Tools for easy and effective learning
Decrease speed, loop the parts you want to work on and use precise sheets, tablature and lyrics.
A unique methodology for music teachers
Be sure to get the best results with a set of guidelines, exercises and video tutorials we have prepared.

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