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Solfeg.io explained in less than 1 minute

If you are new to Solfeg.io then this video will explain you everything you need to know in less than 1 minute

How to use Solfeg.io in your class

A 2 minute video that explains how  teachers use Solfeg.io to get better results with their students

How to quickly learn a Christmas song

A 2 minute pratical guide on how to quickly learn a Christmas song together with your class

Music education tips & advices

Music Teacher Resources Every Teacher Should Use

Teaching resources are an important part of every class. These aids help teachers to communicate information and knowledge to students. They usually engage and appeal to the students directly. Resources make learning more fun and engaging. There are many great...

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5 Music Games for Kids to Make Music Lessons More Fun

There’s more to music teaching than teaching music. Think back to your first music lessons and your first teachers. How did they inspire you to continue with music? A good music teacher goes beyond basic classroom teaching. Make music lessons fun and maybe you will be...

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6 Examples of Using Technology in The Music Classroom

Are you a technophobe? Or perhaps you use gadgets at home but find it hard to use technology when teaching. Many teachers went to school at a time when technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is now. We watched as our teachers wrote on blackboards, and then...

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Fun Music Appreciation Lesson Plans & Activities

Music appreciation classes are a great opportunity to instill a love of music in your students. Topics covered in music appreciation include historical and cultural background to music. Students learn how to listen to music and analyze it. A challenge for music...

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8 High School Musical Ideas that Your Students Will Love

It comes around so quickly every year. It's time to choose the musical production that you will spend hundreds of hours teaching and rehearsing over the coming months. So how should you choose this year’s high school musical? You need to be passionate about the...

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6 Fun Music Activities & Ideas for Elementary Students

Teaching music to elementary students can be great fun. Children of this age are usually very responsive to learning music. They are young enough to learn through play, but compared to toddlers, they are already old enough for more complex group activities. There are...

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Creating a School Band Lesson Plan: What to Keep in Mind

School band can be great fun to teach, but maybe the most exhausting hour of your week as a music teacher. The amount of energy involved in keeping your band engaged is draining for even the most energetic music teacher. You are also working towards a high standard of...

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Lesson plans

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