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Step 1

Songs & player

The best part of Solfeg.io is our library of popular songs. It features songs that students love, we select them by looking at their interests and worldwide charts!
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Which song to choose?

Great songs to get started with

You can find more songs in the song library. You can also filter songs by genre, topic, music theory topics, difficulty and many more filters

Tones and I

Dance Monkey

This hit has only four chords, so even beginners can play or sing along!


Vance Joy

This song is a must-have in anyone's ukulele repertoire and fun in class

Get more than 200 songs

Subscribe to one of our paid plans to unclock 150+ songs
Step 2

Assigning classes & quizzes

Wouldn't it be great if your students could do song-related homework? With Solfeg.io they can. Learn how to assign quizzes and see your student's results.

Pick your subject

Pick between multiple categories of classes & quizzes
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Music theory

Teach music thoery using popular songs that students love
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Classroom ukulele

Assign individual 10 minute classes for learning and practicing ukulele
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Classroom piano

Teach how to use white and black keys for a perfect song with our tutorials
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Classroom guitar

Teach your students chords, strumming and much more on guitar
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Learn how rhythm works in music with quizzes around popular songs
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Guide the aspiring Beyoncés, Dua Lipas and MJ’s into singing
Step 3

Planning your lessons

Get inspired and discover a range of lesson plans and activity ideas online and in classroom!Each plan includes a song recommendation so you can use them to get a structured guidance.

Have your own structured plans? Skip this step and move on to the songs.

Best to start with


Cheerful Start to Your Class

Students will learn to sing and clap along a popular song

Basics of Music Notation

Students will learn about the staff, clef, measures, notes, and ledger lines through a popular song

Pop Music History

Students will discover the history of pop music through some of its most iconic songs

Rhythmic Dance Battle

Students will learn rhythm patterns and movement sequences through guided video tutorials

6-Lesson Suite

Students will learn to sing, clap and play along Riptide by Vance Joy
Step 4

Student statistics & results

To get maximum engagement, students will need to use their own accounts. Learn how to invite students to your class, vote for songs, and benefit from student statistics

Voting for songs

Students can vote for their favourite songs using their mobile apps
Step 5

Help students fall in love 😍 with music beyond a classroom door

Encourage students to discover music for themselves & inspire a life-long habit with our mobile app!

Do quizzes on their devices

Students can complete fun quizzes and exercises at home to keep the engagement about music going

Learn instruments

Students can play songs and follow guided tutorials to learn how to play ukulele, piano or guitar on their own
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Record fun challenges

Show off progress in real life. Complete a fun challenge and compare it with friends and family

Learn more, earn more

Students can earn badges and points for learning time, completing tutorials and challenges and more

Easy to set up and works on all devices

Use with Chrome browser or iOS and Android apps. Easily integrate into most popular learning management systems like Google Classroom and more


Perfect for in-front of class teaching and groupwork


Independent and asynchronous learning with progress check-in

Hybrid / Blended

Mix both methods and benefit from quizzes & progress statistics