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Create a student centric curriculum. If you are looking for an inspiration on where to start, which songs to pick and how to get your students engaged in the process, this curriculum outline is for you!

What will I find?

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

How flexible is it?

Follow the plan as is or mix, match and combine however you want to! Activities can be adapted to various levels of musical knowledge and songs can be changed too. Have fun!

Which standards does it follow?

The curriculum follow General Music standards in the US and UK.

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Frequently asked questions

Here's what you need to know about Solfeg.io for schools
How to upgrade my teacher account?
Log in to your account at web.solfeg.io;
Click on Settings on the left-side menu;
Click on My Subscription;
Click on Upgrade;
Choose the plan most suitable to your needs;
Enter your billing details;
Congratulations, you have subscribed to Solfeg.io! Now, you have a 14-day trial to test out all the premium features.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, you can! You will receive a clickable link with an option to pay with a credit card in your invoice.
How to plan a lesson using Solfeg.io?
Visit solfeg.io/resources to find out many lesson plans for music theory, history, analysis, composition, improvisation, band and instrument playing. All lesson plans teach a particular concept with the help of a popular song that is available in the Solfeg.io song library (for example, using Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa to teach dotted quarter notes).If you want to make your own lesson plan, here are some tips:

-Choose a particular song and analyze what kind of musical concepts you can teach with it;
-Make sure you have a projector available in your class, so all your students can see the notation, lyrics and structure of the song;
-Plan 1-4 exercises to do during the lesson! They can involve anything from learning particular chords from the song, learning the melody, lyrics or rhythm lines, analyzing the song structure, genre, timbres, voices and instruments played, improvising or composing over the song by muting some voices or instruments.
How to invite students to Solfeg.io?
-Log in to your account at web.solfeg.io;
-Click on Students on the left-side menu;
-You'll be presented with 3 options to invite your students with:

1) Use a unique link and code - you just have to copy, paste and send this message to your students and they will be able to sign up;

2) Use their emails - write down student email addresses and they will receive a further email with the instructions to sign up;

3)Use a QR code - the students scan a QR code with their phones and are directed to sign up.
Will I have to start paying when using the Free plan for teachers?
No, the free plan is completely free. If you want to access more songs, you can purchase one of our paid school plans.
How can I purchase Solfeg.io for my schools or district?
-Log in to your account at web.solfeg.io;
-Click on Settings on the left-side menu;
-Click on My Subscription;
-Click on Upgrade;
-Choose the plan most suitable to your school's needs;
-Enter your billing details;
-Now, you have a 14-day trial to test out all the premium features. During this time, you will also receive a quote to your email which you can bring to your school's director, accountant, district manager or any other person who oversees purchases at your school. After 14 days, an invoice will be sent to you and the school's accountant (for your convenience). You can pay by card, by invoice or by check.
Can I pay with a check or a PO?
Yes, you can! You will receive an address to where to send the check in your invoice.
How do I use student statistics?
-Click on Students on the left-side menu to open statistics;
-If you have invited students, their names should appear on a list at the student statistics;
-Activity column will show if a particular student is online;Score column will show a particular student's average quiz score;
-To see detailed statistics, click on the name of a student and an additional window should appear on the right side;
-There, you will see how many quizzes this student has taken, what is their quiz completion rate (how many quizzes have they finished?), what is their average score, how many songs they have played. Moreover, you can see their quiz history, one-by-one - what was their score on a particular quiz and how many takes did they do.
How do students sign up to Solfeg.io?
To sign up, your students will have to enter their emails and passwords. Remember that they have to use your sign-up link to register - otherwise, they won't be added to your class.More detailed instructions about student sign-up can be found here: https://solfeg.io/resources/instructions

To invite: Send them the invitation message which you can get in your Student Dashboard (e.g. Get Solfeg.io here https://web.solfeg.io/join/xxxxxxxx and use my code XXXXXXXX to join the class.)
How do I cancel my trial?
If you signed up on Solfeg.io web, To manage the details of your subscription, click on Settings and then My Subscription. To cancel your subscription, click on Unsubscribe and then OK on the pop-up confirmation window. After your subscription has been cancelled it will remain active for the period you’ve paid for. If you change your mind you can click Resume Subscription and then confirm your action by selecting OK on the pop-up confirmation window.