How to Learn Guitar by Yourself

Tom Gale
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How to teach yourself guitar at home? How long would I have to practice guitar to become an expert player? Is it hard to play guitar? Every guitarist used to ask these questions while starting their learning journey!

The guitar is a fun instrument to play and for most guitarists learning on their own is the only option. Hiring a teacher and getting guitar lessons are quite expensive and out of reach. Therefore, Solfeg.io is a great option to make the journey much easier!

Can you teach yourself guitar?

If you are questioning whether you can teach yourself guitar, then the answer is an absolute yes. It could have been an issue a long time ago due to the unavailability of different learning resources we have today. But now, a long list of options is available, so you need to choose the one which suits you the best and helps you learn the guitar in the best way.

If you are looking for how to learn guitar by yourself, the internet has made everything easy for you. You can get an incredible number of resources and can start learning guitar at home. Moreover, you can hire an instructor to teach you the right way to play the guitar.

Unfortunately, many passionate learners cannot opt for this expensive option. If you're looking for the cheapest and the most effective way to learn the guitar, a mobile application is an outstanding platform.

How to start learning guitar by yourself?

There are thousands of reasons why the guitar is a great instrument to learn. Here, we have outlined the best and the most effective way to teach yourself guitar. 

Choose a guitar

A guitar is cheap to purchase, and you can take it anywhere you want; these are some of the most appealing benefits that attract all the learners' attention. Firstly, get the guitar of your choice. These are two main types of guitars: 

  • The acoustic guitar is pretty simple to get started with compared to the electric guitar. There is no need for amplification. Depending on the musical style you want to learn, you can choose an acoustic guitar with either steel strings or nylon strings. Both are suitable for beginners. Guitars with steel strings sound brighter, but nylon strings make the sound warmer and feel slightly softer on fingers.
  • Playing the electric guitar is an enjoyable and worth considering experience. There's more equipment needed, such as an amplifier. You can make your playing experience more memorable by getting different effect pedals.

Get familiar with the guitar 

Everyone is well aware of how difficult the first step is. Just as it is essential to learn to crawl before you walk, try to get yourself familiar with the instrument, learn the essential tips and tricks when you start learning to play the guitar.

Build confidence in yourself. It takes some courage and strength to learn the guitar by yourself. Just be patient and practice the guitar basics regularly before playing more difficult tunes!

To identify the notes on the guitar, start by learning the names of the strings. Later on, practice on the more advanced levels like reading the tablature and playing songs.

Use the guitar lesson apps

Many people might discourage you and suggest hiring a teacher instead. Learning to play the guitar could become pretty straight-forward and quick when you have a teacher. But, remember that it is not the only option.

The most important thing is the selection of proper resources to practice. If you want to learn the guitar by yourself, the most effective way is to use a mobile app. It can make your learning journey easy and effective!

Every beginner needs to learn the basics before practicing the songs and playing different styles of music. Solfeg.io offers you a set of planned lessons where you can learn the very basics and become a pro-player very soon. 

Here are the advantages and cool features which this app offers to all guitar learners:

  1. Easy, fast, and effective learning through step-by-step customized classes for beginners
  2. 100+ songs to practice from famous artists
  3. Slow down the tempo according to your needs
  4. Customize the backing track while practicing, mute instruments or vocals in the song
  5. A professional sound quality
  6.  Besides guitar, you can also learn other instruments like piano and ukulele
  7. You can get live feedback from other musicians and convert your passion into skills.  

Train your ears 

When learning to play an instrument, it is important to train your ears not only your fingers. So, it is advisable to listen to a wide range of music, as it helps to extend your prospects in music. 

A trained guitarist keeps on practicing different scales, chords and passages over and over again. It makes it possible to play the best songs, and also helps in ear-training. Practicing is the only way to become more efficient! 

Solfeg.io is one of the best applications for this. On this app, you can explore a wide range of songs, choose your favorite one, and start practicing. 

Practice everyday

It's important to try to find some time to practice every day. Think of practicing the guitar just like a workout. For instance, just like you go to the gym and do the workout for different body parts, you should practice chords, learn notes and train your fingers and ears. Practice is the only way to make yourself perfect, and for this purpose, Solfeg.io would be a great option. 

Tips for learning to play guitar by yourself

So, if you have finally decided to learn the guitar and are just ready to start your journey, here are some helpful tips. 

Get a guitar you love

Buy a guitar which you find pretty and nice-sounding. It will keep you more motivated and passionate about learning. Buying the guitar which grabs your attention at the shop can do wonders for you!

Learn how to read the guitar tabs

Guitar tabs are more popular and easier to understand than the standard notation. Start learning the tabs first, as they would help you to understand the guitar itself.  

Learn the most basic chords

The combination of three or more notes is called a chord. Many self taught guitarists find it pretty challenging to learn the chords. But did you know that learning chords is not an issue with Solfeg.io? This app offers many lessons that you can take to improve your guitar playing skills. 

When learning the chords, start with the basics. You can begin with such chords as Em, Am, C, E and A, then move on to more challenging shapes, for example, D and G. When practicing try to make every note sound loud and clear. Press the strings with your fingertips and try not to mute the neighboring strings.

Structure your  learning

On YouTube, you can find many videos on how to learn guitar by yourself. However, remember that not all of these lessons are structured. But with the app, you can get structured and well-planned lessons, which makes it an effective way to learn guitar, especially for beginners.

Make your learning fun 

The lessons available on YouTube could be boring and even confusing, but you can learn various songs that would never let you get bored with our mobile application. The long list of songs of different genres would definitely make learning more fun!

Play with others

You can play alone, but playing with others can be an excellent opportunity to learn more and have more fun. While getting used to playing in front of others, you will become more confident. 

Design a lesson plan to teach yourself the guitar

After learning the basic chords and notes, you should plan the practice sessions for yourself.  Schedule yourself regular sessions, even short ones. Have fun with practicing stuff you already know and don't forget to push yourself from time to time to learn more challenging chords and tunes. 


Unfortunately, many start learning to play the guitar enthusiastically but soon stop practicing. Many people quit because they either fail to find the time to attend the classes or cannot afford a teacher.

If you are facing these issues, try learning guitar by yourself. Our app could be helpful for you. It offers theory and practice lessons, thus making the learning much easier.