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Mobile app to learn & play popular songs for ukulele, piano, guitar & singing
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Top rated app trusted by 20,000+ music teachers
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Pause stress. Play a song.

Feel amazing vibes without being a pro musician yo

Solfeg.io cuts out all the boring and unnecessary stuff and gives you what makes learning fun - awesome songs, great sound and super simple tutorials


Quickly get started playing along to popular songs


Learn to strum along to your favorite songs on guitar

Music Theory

Improve and test your knowledge of note names, chords and music theory
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Learn ukulele with ease and joy through personalized tutorials


Sing your heart out to real backing tracks, while following song lyrics and notation

Rhythm & Beats

Tap along to the rhythm of your favorite songs and improve your timing

Learn the songs you love 😍 with perfect sound!

Choose from a curated library of chart-topping hits and experience the energy of playing along with our real band backing tracks
How Solfeg.io sounds?
Press play and hear it yourself...
Blinding Lights
The Weeknd
Justin Bieber
No Tears Left To Cry
Ariana Grande
Way Down We Go
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Anti-Average Tutorials 👽   Anti-Boring Songs 🤪   Anti-Bad Quality Sound 🎧   Anti-Cookie Cutter 🍪  
Anti-Average Tutorials 👽   Anti-Boring Songs 🤪   Anti-Bad Quality Sound 🎧   Anti-Cookie Cutter 🍪  
Anti-Average Tutorials 👽   Anti-Boring Songs 🤪   Anti-Bad Quality Sound 🎧   Anti-Cookie Cutter 🍪  
Anti-Average Tutorials 👽   Anti-Boring Songs 🤪   Anti-Bad Quality Sound 🎧   Anti-Cookie Cutter 🍪  
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Stop wasting your time!

Short-form classes to get playing in minutes

Learn to play instruments with a song of your choice by following simple and short step-by-step interactive tutorials
Based on songs
Transparent hand placement
Get it right with live feedback
Skip any part
Think practicing is boring?

Boost your skills with weekly workouts

Get better at your practice and create a habit of playing with weekly song workouts that boost your skills
Discover new songs
Learn new chords
Nail down the chords you know
Slow down for more difficult parts
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Watch & play along 👏

Already know the basics? Play songs by following the interactive player with visuals for guitar, piano and ukulele and features like slow down, rhythmic patterns & more
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Music seems difficult? Not anymore!

Easy Notation™ method for simplified learning

No need to learn complex notation or play silly games to play songs with the same feel as pros
For beginners to play like pros
Works only with our HQ audio
Trusted by 20k+ music teachers

Band Mode for immersive f.e feel

With band mode, we'll mute the instrument you play in the song so you can take its place and enjoy a full-on sound experience

Active Feedback Mode for 🤓 accuracy

Get response on the notes you play, know if you got it right and improve your accuracy in playing
Difficult to stay motivated?

Learn & earn 💰

Collect emotion points based on the feeling you get from playing and redeem different skins for your virtual instrument
Quickly get in the mood
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Redeem points for skins & covers
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Top features for effortless learning 😎

Unlock your full musical potential with these powerful features designed to help you learn, tune, and practice your instrument.

Set a weekly goal

Set a weekly goal for the number of practice sessions you aim to complete

Record, share & edit

Capture your performance and match it to our premium sound backing tracks

Get in tune

The app features free, accurate and easy to use tuner for guitar and ukulele

Ask AI

Get personalized recommendations and answers to your music related questions

Some buzzing reviews 📣

Don't just take our word for it, read why others love Solfeg.io
Easy to navigate. A variety of available courses with different levels of difficulty. All kinds of relevant and fun songs and ways to collect points and assess emotions.
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Absolutely love the combo of chord and song lyrics on the screen!👌🏼🔥

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Great tutorials for a beginner like me. It is useful and motivating and keeps me learning. App itself is easy to use.
Review on the App Store
Feature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature image

It is actually a fun app for not only playing musical instruments like piano, guitar and ukulele but also for singing. You can set your level from beginner to expert and just have fun while picking up on more skills or developing new ones.

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