Lead trendy music lessons 🎓 and have good vibes 🤗 with popular songs

Solfeg.io is a live, play-along music software and a lesson suite with dozens of well known songs and effective learning strategies
Why choose Solfeg.io?

Fuss-free, engaging, wellbeing focused music education platform for all ages

Tailored for busy educators with packed schedules and a belief in the boundless capacity of every student
Used in 20,000+ schools
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Popular songs

Collection of popular song covers, simplified and with clean lyrics

Lesson plans

Curriculum plans designed to meet national music standards

Plug & Play activities

Interactive videos, featuring movement and rhythm challenges

Self-Paced tutorials

Personalized learning experience that enables independent learning

Rhythm practice

Tutorials, rhythm dictations, sight-reading, and rhythm games

Instrument practice

Video tutorials making it easy for students to learn to play instruments

Knowledge tests

Student knowledge tests that include a quiz and informative video

Modern arrangements

Modern band arrangements which allow music students to perform live

Instant and fun 🎉 resources for music learning

Teach any music subject using popular songs that students love
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General Music
Helps students gain a deeper understanding of notation, rhythm, how music works and how it is created though engaging activities and lessons
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Modern Band
The Solfeg.io modern band method enables students of all skill levels to play, sing and perform popular songs and experience the sense of being in a band
Classroom Piano
Whether you prefer to teach individual students or groups, use our instructional videos, piano tracks and lesson plans to get students started with piano
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Classroom Ukulele
The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to engage students in music lessons. Utilize our workouts, lesson plans, and activity ideas to help your students learn ukulele
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Classroom Guitar
Use our resources to teach guitar to individuals or groups of students, starting with simple chords and progressing to more complex techniques
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Develop student rhythmic abilities and learn to sight read by finger tapping, clapping or drumming along to their favorite songs
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Singing & Choir
Our songs come with lyrics and melody, making them perfect for sing-alongs. Build student confidence with features like backing tracks and slow down
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Music futures
Cultivate students' understanding of potential career trajectories, analyze songs of artists, and explore contemporary techniques collaboratively
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Music history
Explore the rich history of music by examining various genres, tracing their evolution, and examining their impact and influence on the musical landscape
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Music analysis
Examine the structure of popular songs and gain a deeper understanding of how various elements come together to create a cohesive piece of music
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Encourage students to exercise their creativity by rewriting lyrics and melodies for familiar songs or composing their own original music

Do your students beg to play songs from artists they love?

Introducing music through 200+ popular songs that students love is the best way to excite them about learning
Notation tailored for education
Engaging & real audio quality
Only safe lyrics
Songs tailored for general music education and modern band
State of art sound quality that will get your students hooked
Title Text Example
Vance Joy
Vance Joy
Running Up That Hill
Kate Bush
Kate Bush
Running Up That Hill
Kung Fu Fighting
Carl Douglas
Carl Douglas
Kung Fu Fighting
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300+ tutorials and quizzes for boosting your students' skills

Fun classroom exercises, student knowledge tests & home assignments
Quizzes for music theory & history
Classes for ukulele, piano & guitar
Filling of knowledge gaps

Resources & lesson plans ✏️

100+ lesson plans and curriculum ideas matching general standards in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia
Each plan ties in a song
Activity ideas
Full-year curriculum plan

Student progress statistics 📈

Manage student accounts and oversee their progress statistics, quiz scores and activity
Overall activity indicators
Individual quiz scores
Vote for favorite songs

Join 20,000+ schools and thousands of students global

Trusted by music teachers and most respected music education institutions all around the world

Some buzzing reviews 📣

Don't just take our word for it, read why other teachers love Solfeg.io
The Solfeg.io platform is outstanding. I recommend it to all educators I meet. There are so many wonderful things about the platform that keep students engaged and challenged.
Dana Spagnuolo
Montclair Public Schools
I find the app to be extremely effective for both full-class and individual practice. It's hard to imagine before this I was making powerpoint presentations for each of the songs. Now I can spend my time actually helping my students rather than finagling with technology!
Gillian Desmarais
Pioneer Charter School of Science
Solfeg.io is the best thing I have used in music class in all of my years teaching. It's right in line with what I have been trying to do my entire career as a teacher; teach music to the students that they truly enjoy. I love Solfeg.io!!
Terry Davito
Blue Ridge District 18

Support is 1 click away 💬

Onboarding and trainings available with premium plans
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Easy to set up and works on all devices

Use with Chrome browser or iOS and Android apps. Easily integrate into most popular learning management systems like Google Classroom and more


Perfect for in-front of class teaching and groupwork


Independent and asynchronous learning with progress check-in

Hybrid / Blended

Mix both methods and benefit from quizzes & progress statistics
Learning at home

Help students fall in love 😍 with music beyond a classroom door

Encourage students to discover music for themselves & inspire a life-long habit with our mobile app!

Do homework on their devices

Students can complete fun quizzes and exercises at home to keep the engagement about music going

Learn instruments

Students can play songs and follow guided tutorials to learn how to play ukulele, piano or guitar on their own
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Record fun challenges

Show off progress in real life. Complete a fun challenge and compare it with friends and family

Learn more, earn more

Students can earn badges and points for learning time, completing tutorials and challenges and more

Join 20,000+ schools and thousands of students 👇

Our Forever Free plan includes popular songs that your students will love
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