Turning passion for music into skills

Solfeg.io is an app that makes it easy to practice instruments and understand how music works by playing well known songs together in school and at home

It’s free for schools

Built for a truly immersive learning experience that excite the senses

Solfeg.io is an interactive app for learning and teaching music. It features premium sound and song selection from popular artists like Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande.

For teaching

Gear up your music classes, simplify teaching and ignite your students passion for music.

For learning

Gain the skills to express your passion for music. Learn to sing and play guitar, piano or ukulele.

Used by 6000+ schools and by thousands of students

Songs that will make your heart sing!

Our carefully curated music library features renowned artists and chart topping hits keeping the content fresh and exciting.

Gain skills with confidence! We'll guide you in every step.

Learn to sing, play guitar, piano or ukulele with our tailored classes for independent learning.

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