Teaching music the fun way

Solfeg.io is an app that makes it easy to practice instruments and understand how music works by playing well known songs together in school and at home

Try out popular songs synced with lyrics, melody, chords and rhythm.

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Solfeg.io is used for

General music lessons

Explain how music works by playing songs students love. Teaching music can be a challenge - Solfeg.io increases students collaboration skills while making the process fun and easy.

Saving music teachers time

Easily find and learn songs, teach instruments and concepts of music theory without spending hours on preparing materials. Increase the quality of your lessons without the extra effort.

After school activities

Create after-school modern band classes in your school with less resources and better results. Build a platform where your students can express themselves and their passion for music.

Learning music at home

Solfeg.io will be perfect for learning songs you love at home and to understand how music works along the way. Surprise your friends or parents with a song you have mastered.

A song for anything you want to teach.

Solfeg.io app makes it easy to learn the melody, chords and rhythm of a song in real time. It provides an exciting "hands-on" experience and an effective approach in explaining music theory behind it.



Easily play music together

Solfeg.io is a music education software that makes learning and playing together a lot easier. It adjusts to different levels of experience, your classroom size and the music instruments available. Just pick a song and start playing!

Content that's tailored for education needs

Guide your students through different music genres knowing the lyrics will be safe to use

Tools for easy and effective learning

Decrease speed, loop the parts you want to work on and use precise sheets, tablature and lyrics.

A unique methodology for music teachers

Get the best results in music teaching with a set of exercises and video tutorials we have prepared. 

Music instruments

Solfeg.io works great with

Guitars & Ukuleles

Pianos & Keyobards




Orff instruments

Recorders & Solo Instruments

Bass guitars


Used in 3000+ schools and by thousands of students

 I absolutely love the program! The kids love it and learned so much using it. 

Angela Boatner

Pearl River Elementary School, USA

 Solfeg.io is a fantastic way to successfully incorporate a huge range of music into your teaching in an interactive and engaging way. Since beginning to use Solfeg.io, I have noticed a dramatic increase in student engagement. I am able to teach the class using a range of instruments much more effectively than before. 

Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School, Australia

 Solfeg.io is the best thing I have used in music class in all of my years teaching. It's right in line with what I have been trying to do my entire career as a teacher - teach music to the students that they truly enjoy. 

Terry Davito

Blue Ridge District 18, USA

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