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Solfeg.io is an app that makes it easy to practice instruments and understand how music works by playing well known songs from artists like

It's free for schools

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Best music education & creation startup in 2020

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Teens today expect a more contemporary and practical approach to music lessons

Introducing music through popular songs is the best way to excite teens about learning whilst digital technology enables interactivity and adds another dimension to the experience. Solfeg.io app adapts to your learning environment and the students interests to create the most engaging music education experience for teachers and students alike. 

Use Solfeg.io with a projector

Use it in classroom and increase student engagement

Reinforce your curriculum, while you excite and engage students with popular music from around the globe. Exploring music elements and theory in the context of a song strenghtens their understadning. 


Teach music theory, history, ethnic music or introduce your students to musical instruments through practical exercises 


We have all the songs your students want to hear and we see them practicing before they've been asked

Bridge the gap between school and home 

Ensure your lessons continue also online and outside classroom by with self-directed classes that can easily be completed from anywhere


Simply assign hometasks or encourage independent learning when students are at home 

Self-directed Classes

Students can explore and be guided through different music topics independently

Monitor student progress and ensure their success in learning

Tailor your teaching approach to student needs with comprehensive data and share their progress with parents or the school principal  


Our recording app will make submitting student homework a breeze


Follow your student progress and share it with parents and principal 

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Music theory, piano, guitar music history... you name it


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Here's what our users say about us

"Solfeg.io is a fantastic way to successfully incorporate a huge range of music into your teaching in an interactive and engaging way."

Danielle Mitton

Ramco Primary School, Australia

"I absolutely love the program! The kids love it and learned so much using it."

Angela Boatner

Pearl River Elementary School, USA

"Solfeg.io is the best thing I have used in music class in all of my years teaching. It's right in line with what I have been trying to do my entire career as a teacher - teach music to the students that they truly enjoy."

Terry Davito

Blue Ridge District 18, USA

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