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Is Solfeg.io different for schools than for self-learning?
Solfeg.io for schools is designed to play music in the classroom, give homework, and measure student and instructor progress. Self-learners can use our mobile apps to learn the ukulele, piano, and guitar.
I'm a student, but I don't have a class code. Where can I get it?
If you're a student and you don't have a class code, you should contact your music teacher or school administrator to obtain the code that will allow you to join your class.
Will I be charged if I sign up for Solfeg.io or download the app?
For all users, downloading or signing up for Solfeg.io is totally free. A free trial of our premium content is also available.
Do I need to download the app to use Solfeg.io for learning on my own?
Yes, while Solfeg.io can be accessed through a web browser on any device, you will get a much better experience and more features as a self-learner if you download the mobile app
On which platforms Solfeg.io will work? Will it work on my device?
Solfeg.io is a web-based platform, so it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and a Chrome web browser. Solfeg.io mobile apps will work on iOS and Android devices.
Can teachers use Solfeg.io mobile apps the same way as students?
Yes, teachers can use the Solfeg.io mobile apps in the same way as students, but teachers will have access to much more features on web platform, such as multiplayer and student management.

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Solfeg.io has honestly saved my music program! It is an amazing resource to make sure that the students who truly want to participate in music, actually can!
Nadine Draper
Amherstburg Public School
Easy to navigate. A variety of available courses with different levels of difficulty. All kinds of relevant and fun songs and ways to collect points and assess emotions.
Review on the App Store
Absolutely love the combo of chord and song lyrics on the screen!👌🏼🔥

Review on the App Store

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