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What is the Solfeg.io referral program?

Solfeg.io has something for everyone - and by featuring our promos and product links on your site, you’ll not only help your visitors discover music-related resources, access awesome songs & play different types of instruments - you’ll earn commission for every purchased subscription.

How does Solfeg.io referral program work?

 You show an ad or a link for Solfeg.io on your website, blog, or social network

🔗  A customer enters your given unique code when signing up to Solfeg.io app

💳  The customer makes a purchase

🧾  Our affiliate network records the transaction

✔️  The purchase is confirmed

💵  You get paid a commission

How to entice a reader to sign-up?

We will also offer a 10% discount code so that your readers can benefit from signing up from your site.

When do you pay your affiliates?

When your account reaches €50 or more, commissions are paid. Payments will be sent in € currency. Financial content will be calculated and displayed in € currency.

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