How To Learn Piano At Home

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Many people wonder - is it easy to learn piano on your own? You may think that it is difficult to become a competent and consistent pianist without years of costly piano instruction. But, don't worry - you can learn to play piano at home if you have the time and motivation to practice.

In this article, you'll find out about the pros and cons of learning piano at home, get a glimpse on when you should achieve the first results and discuss about various methods on how to learn piano at home.

Is it possible to learn piano on your own?

Finding an instructor that suits your schedule and skill set can be tricky. By learning piano at home, you do not have to wait for lessons - you can do everything on your own time. You can find everything you need online, either in written form or video, making your learning even easier. All you will need is to get a piano and place it in a quiet room at your home where you can sit and practice without any disturbance.

"Piano lessons" is a term that conjures images of sitting on a hard piano bench at a stranger's home and fumbling through tedious sheet music and scales. As a child, you may remember putting up with your parents' insistence on taking piano lessons, as well as putting in the obligatory thirty minutes a day of practice to be able to join in with your friends to play.

Getting an instructor trained in the classical piano is crucial if you want to take the classical approach. Classical piano is far more demanding physically than any other kind of piano, and poor or nonexistent technique can even cause injury. However, to learn piano as a hobby, an instructor is not crucial to your success. Learning the piano is now more accessible and more convenient than ever before, thanks to online courses, interactive applications, and live lessons delivered through webchat and video technologies.

Learning by yourself is a valid option if you have a clear strategy and vision for how and what you want to learn. For those with some basic knowledge, the self-learning process can be relatively easier. Whatever you choose to do with your playing is entirely up to you.

Is it easy to learn piano on your own? Well, it is not all roses and rainbows. Self-teaching is challenging since there isn't an instructor to hold you accountable or analyze your progress. You will need to be self-motivated throughout this process. Although learning piano on your own is doable, you'll need a strategy if you want to get success out of your efforts. Learning to play a keyboard instrument is challenging, and it's completely natural to get discouraged and want to quit at times. However, if you're serious about learning piano at home and improving, you must cultivate a positive mindset.

How long does it take to learn piano at home?

The duration period of learning piano at home depends on a lot of factors. You need to answer some questions first. What’s your age? Have you played piano before? Have you played any kind of instrument before? What do you know about music theory? Are you taking online lessons? How frequent and good are your lessons? How often are you practicing? How well do you want to be at playing the piano? These questions will determine how long does it take you to learn piano at home

To progress, you need to practice. Practicing every day is much much better than practicing weekly. Logically, if you spend an hour per day practicing, you will progress at a rate three times faster than if you practice just twenty minutes per day. This is not true for everyone, though. 

How long does it take to learn piano at home? The quality of your practice is more essential than the quantity. Whatever number of hours you spend at the piano won't make a difference if you only practice by repeating your tunes and making the same faults repeatedly. You'll make significant progress at the piano if you practice with intention and focus. Even with only twenty minutes of concentrated practice each day, you can make considerable progress. If you practice well, spending two hours per day on it will help you progress faster than spending just twenty minutes a day on it.

Best ways to learn piano from home on your own

If you're the kind that prefers to learn piano on your own, you need to have easy access to resources like Google and YouTube. Whether you prefer written or video content, you can find anything you need to learn quickly and easily. The piano is a fun instrument to play because of its unusual design and eye-catching aesthetic appeal. 

Choosing the best way to learn to play piano online will play a massive part in getting you to where you want to be as a piano player. Here are some of the best ways to learn piano at home online:


Youtube is a place where you can find free piano lessons for your home learning. There are many classes available as any musician can upload their tips and tricks to YouTube. It is the biggest upside of Youtube - you have so much to choose from. However, there is also a downside - there is no guidance on Youtube and, as a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed when choosing where to start. Additionally, you cannot get any type of feedback, as Youtube teaching is one-sided.

To find a more structured approach to learning from youtube, you can go to a channel where the lessons are organized in their playlist. In that way, you can get a structured approach to your learning experience.

App-based learning

Technology is evolving and you can learn piano by downloading a mobile app. Solfeg.io app is designed specifically for those who are just beginning to learn piano. There, you can get personal recommendations on which songs to learn at your level, instant sound feedback which will tell you whether you have played the chord correctly, as well as various challenges, tips and tricks on how to practice a song.

You can also slow down any song if you feel like the tempo is too fast. If you want to feel like you're playing in a band, just mute the piano section in the song and perform with your own skills! Most educational mobile apps require a monthly subscription payment; however, you can try out the app's features by choosing the 2 week free trial! You will find more discussion about this app later in this article.

Private online lessons

Taking piano lessons from a professional pianist or a piano teacher online is a cool way to learn piano online. You get one-on-one time with your instructor as well as personal feedback. You have to find the right teacher to connect with your teacher who understands your goals and gives you feedback according to your needs. However, private online lessons can be costly and very limiting as most of them are weekly based, so you might be progressing very slowly.

Membership models

You can also buy “packages” of pre-recorded piano lessons online. These lessons come in a wide variety of lessons and styles, and the classes are organized step-by-step. But, if you want to receive feedback from the teacher who made these videos, you might have to wait. As these lesson packages are purchased by hundreds of people, many of them will want some personal assistance and may not be so easy to get it.

Benefits of learning by an app at home

If you search for the best way to learn piano from home, a mobile app could make a great option. If you are interested in learning to play songs without becoming a professional pianist, then the Solfeg.io app is an excellent way to go. You can get this app and learn without spending a lot of money on a private teacher. It comes with many features, for instance:

  • Step-by-step learning (great for beginners learning piano at home)
  • Customized classes for your favorite songs
  • Chord visualization
  • Professional sound quality
  • Background band to play along with
  • Mute option to hear yourself playing
  • Slow down or speed up the tempo while you learn
  • Song lyrics to sing along to
  • Different lessons and challenges in accordance to your skill levels
  • 150+ songs from famous artists like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Bebe Rexha, etc. are available to practice on
  • Kid-friendly songs - suited for the young learners (with safe lyrics)
  • Learn instruments & vocals gradually
  • New song released weekly

So, you can learn piano by yourself online - you just need to get this app and start learning piano today!