How to Play “Imagine Dragons – Believer” chords on Piano

Person playing piano in the middle of busy walkway inside park

With being featured for scenes in the American Fantasy TV show “Once Upon a Time”, Teen Drama “Riverdale” and detective fiction series “Lucifer”, we’re totally not surprised that you are here to learn Believer. It’s just the right song not only for moody evenings but also for dance parties.

The easiest way to learn Believer on Piano

If you are not familiar with all 4 chords in this song or have never played any of them, the Solfeg.io app with step-by-step tutorials and an interactive song player is the best way how to learn to play Believer in one evening.

Starting Tips and Tricks to play Believer chords

Sit down at your piano. If it’s a digital or electronic piano, check if you’ve turned it on.

This song has 4 chords - Am, F, E, and G. When playing each chord, you’ll have to play 3 keys on the piano simultaneously. When playing the chords, pay attention to your palm - it should be rounded at all times. The most common way to play a chord is by using the 1st, 3rd, and 5th finger for pressing each key, but if different finger combinations feel better for you, keep doing them!

Am chord

The first chord in Believer is the Am chord. It has three white keys - A, C, E. Try to replicate it on your piano by following this visual example!

F chord

The F chord on piano for Believer stands two white keys lower than the Am chord. Play the chord (F, A, C)!

E chord

Playing the E chord is a bit trickier than the others. It starts with a white key (E), then continues with a black key (G#) and ends with another white key (B). You play it with your thumb, middle finger and pinkie.

Combining Chords

Playing Believer on the piano is easy because the same chord combination (Am-Am-F-E) repeats for almost the whole song! First, play the Am chord. Then repeat the Am chord. After that, play the F chord and end with the E chord. Play this combo at a comfortable tempo, repeat the combo a couple of times. After that, try to play the Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus of Believer with these chords! You can learn and play the song with the Solfeg.io app here.


The bridge of this song is the only place where the chords are a bit different. The bridge in Believer is almost at the end of the song - right before the last chorus. You can recognize it by these lyrics:

“But they never did, ever lived, ebbin' and flowin'
Inhibited, limited 'til it broke open and rained down
It rained down, like…”

Start with the F chord. Play it once again. Then press the G chord (this is a new chord for you!) and end with the E chord. Training this combo can be a bit difficult, but repetition always helps! Besides, this chord combo is played only once in the song, so don’t worry.

Bring it all together

You’re almost done! Start the song, play the first chord combo (Am-Am-F-E) repeatedly for all verses, pre-choruses and choruses. However, be alert for the bridge section right before the last chorus - it will have a different chord combo (F-F-G-E).

Happy playing!