How to play “Save Your Tears” chords on the piano

Person playing piano autdoors

This catchy the Weeknd song Save Your Tears is everywhere - in parties, in shopping malls, in your playlist. While the lyrics of this song are not so bright and shiny, the beat and the chords make you want to dance immediately. This song has 6 different chords, but they only contain white keys and often repeat in the same combinations, so don’t worry about the quantity.

How to learn Save Your Tears on Piano the fastest

If you are not sure how to read notes or chord diagrams, don’t sweat it - Solfeg.io app with step-by-step tutorials, additional visuals, and an interactive song player will get you playing Save Your Tears in no time!

Starting Tips and Tricks to play Save Your Tears chords

Sit down at your piano. If it’s a digital or electronic piano, check if you’ve turned it on.

This song has 6 chords - C, Am, Em, G, Dm, F. When playing each chord, you’ll have to play 3 keys on the piano simultaneously. When playing the chords, pay attention to your palm - it should be rounded at all times. The most common way to play a chord is by using the 1st, 3rd, and 5th finger of the right hand for pressing each key, but if different finger combinations feel better for you, keep doing them!

C Chord

Here’s the first chord in Save Your Tears - the C chord. You’ll have to press three keys at the same time - C, E, and G. Look for visual clues right below!

Am Chord

The next chord in the song is the Am chord. It still has three keys (A, C, E), but is located further to the right side.

Em Chord

The third chord is the Em chord (E, G, B). It’s a bit to the left from the Am chord. As always, use your right hand to play this chord.

G Chord

The fourth chord still has the same chord shape as all the previous ones - three white keys to press at the same time (G, B, D). This will be the last new chord you’ll need for playing the Verses and Choruses of Save Your Tears on the piano.

Chord Combo

Now, try to play all four chords one after the other! Begin with C, continue with Am, then Em, and, finally - G. These chords are far apart from each other, so you should start very slowly - train those big chord jumps first. When your hand and eyes start finding the chords naturally, try to play these 4 chords (C-Am-Em-G) with the Verse and Chorus of Save Your Tears simultaneously! You can learn and play the song with the solfeg.io app here.


Save Your Tears has two pre-choruses that have different chord combinations than the rest of the song. The first pre-chorus has these lyrics:

“Take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another,”

And the second pre-chorus is recognizable from these lyrics:

“Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that I'm much too late
And you deserve someone better,”

To play this chord combo, you’ll need to practice the Dm chord (D-F-A) and the F chord (F-A-C) first. Both chords are pretty close to each other. After that, try playing the chord combo that starts with Dm, then jumps to Am, continues with F, and ends with G (Dm-Am-F-G).

Playing the Song

You’re ready for action! Press play, do this chord combo - C-Am-Em-G - for Verses and Choruses, and look out for the Pre-choruses which have a different chord combo - Dm-Am-F-G.

Happy playing!