10 Music Education Grants You Can Apply For

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In the era of budget cuts and low arts priority, it’s important to be able to find funding for your music programs outside what your administration can offer. So I did the research for you and hunting down 10 music education grants you can apply for.

  • American Country Music Lifting Lives Grant
  • Kinder Morgan Grant
  • National Endowment For The Arts
  • Sharon Gewirtz Kids To Concerts
  • Associated Chamber Music Players Grant
  • BMI Foundation Grant
  • Fender Music Foundation
  • Mockingbird Foundation
  • D’Addario Foundation
  • ASCAP Foundation Grants

Budget cutting has a huge effect on the resources available to a program and also affects music teacher perceptions of their programs as this 2018 study by Jimmy Michel shows.

Teaching music is hard enough as it is without being pressed for funds to support your program, although tools like Solfeg.io makes it much easier. So grants are a great way to help your program without digging into your own pocket.

These grants all come in different amounts and with different requirements, so this article breaks these 10 down for you and how to apply for them.

Read on for more details.

What You'll Learn?

1. American Country Music Lifting Lives Grant

What Is It?

The Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives grant is dedicated to improving the lives of people through the power of music. They look for programs which use music for healing and promote music’s power to many people.

Grant amounts range from $5,000-10,000.

Specifically, this grant gives a special look to those in the following areas:

  • Music therapy
  • Purchase or repair of musical instruments
  • Purchase or repair of musical equipment

How To Apply

To apply, go to the ACM Lifting Lives Guidelines and scroll down to find the details. Here it is in short:

  • Deadline, October 1st
  • Hard copy of the application and questions
  • Briefly describe the organization and purpose
  • Specify project for the funds
  • Outline what the funds will be used for
  • Agree to credit ACM in all published materials

Special Considerations

Special consideration will be given to programs serving music therapy, those with special needs, and at-risk populations.

Schools can be a recipient. If you’re applying, make sure to emphasize how the funds will help the above groups.

2. Kinder Morgan Grant

What Is It?

Kinder Morgan Foundation supports programs serving K-12 underserved students near many specific locations. They focus on programs supporting the arts and schools are encouraged to apply.

Grant amounts are between $5,000-20,000.

How To Apply

Go to Kinder Morgan’s application to complete and send. Here is what you can expect to do:

  • Deadlines - 1st of February, May, August, November
  • Cover letter signed by a principal
  • Description of current program
  • Goals and plans for the funds and project as well as a timeline
  • Current budget availability

Special Considerations

Be sure to double check your location to see if you’re eligible. You also need to prove you’re serving students who are underprivileged and underserved.  

3. National Endowment For The Arts

What Is It?

The National Endowment for the Arts is a Federal program dedicated to supporting all the arts across the entire nation. The music portion of this endowment focuses on advancing all music.

As such a wide-reaching grant, there are many grant types and amounts available.

How To Apply

Details can be found on the Arts Work Guidelines for music. The general flow is as follows:

  • Part I - Mid February, submit to grants.gov
  • Part II - Submit to application portal,
  • Notified in November
  • Begins the following January
  • The whole process repeats in July with a June disbursement

Special Considerations

Special consideration currently given to the following subjects:

  • Women’s Voting Rights
  • Diversity-related topics
  • America’s cultural heritage and history
  • A project which invites open dialogue
  • Enrich humanity by deepening our understanding of ourselves

As a national program, this is more for funding which results in a product that can benefit many people.

4. Sharon Gewirtz Kids To Concerts

What Is It?

The Sharon Gewirtz program is a grant available to connect middle school string students with classically-trained musicians. Example programs include mentorship and concert attendance.

$1,000 available on a one-time basis.

How To Apply

Go to Sharon Gerwitz Grant site for details. Here is the information you may need to prepare:

  • Information on current program
  • Confirmation of interested parties
  • Project plan with funding budget
  • Receipts proving appropriate use of disbursed funds

Special Considerations

Special attention is given to those with a pre-established string program that can provide a meaningful connection between middle school string players and advanced musicians.

5. Associated Chamber Music Players Grant

What Is It?

The ACMP supports spreading and encouraging the performance of smaller chamber music. There are different grants available for school-related programs and even adults.

Most grants go up to $2,500 in its funding.

How To Apply

Go to the ACMP grant website and select the specific grant to apply. Otherwise, you must be able to articulate:

  • Status of chamber music at the current program
  • How funding will connect or encourage chamber music
  • Detailed project plan and timeline
  • The ACMP must be credited at all events and publications  

6. BMI Foundation Grant

What Is It?

Broadcasting Music, Inc. Foundation supports the spread of music in different ways. There are three main areas it has funds available for:

  • Scholarships and Awards for music students to further their studies
  • Fellowships for research
  • Grants supporting the study and spread on contemporary works

How To Apply

Applications depend on the type of grant or award you’re seeking. Some are by invitation only, some can be applied for at any time, and some are awards for significant works.

Check out the BMI Foundation for more details.

Special Considerations

BMI gives special consideration to new music, jazz, composition, and research types of projects.

7. Fender Music Foundation Grant

What Is It?

Fender, famous for its guitars, have grants available specifically for school music programs at any grade level. This program will donate up to 8 instruments to support music in schools, after school programs, or school-related music therapy.

How To Apply

Visit Fender’s Music Grant page and complete the application. Be prepared to do the following:

  • Describe the state of the current program
  • Share data about the students
  • Articulate what is needed and how it will benefit the students

Special Considerations

Special consideration given to programs run during the school day which focuses on making music with students who wouldn’t have access to instruments otherwise.  

8. Mockingbird Foundation

What Is It?

The Mockingbird Foundation aims to support music education in different forms with an emphasis on the unique offerings of music education in schools.

Amounts granted differs depending on the offering. Less than 1% of grant requests are usually chosen. Grants can be used for instrument purchase, program development, and concert experiences.

How To Apply

Head to the Mockingbird Foundation’s Grant page to apply. Be prepared to answer the standard grant questions involving:

  • Describe the state of the current program
  • Share data about the students
  • Articulate what is needed and how it will benefit the students

Special Considerations

Mockingbird focuses on school music and education. It doesn’t support music therapy with its funds, and it also stated that they would favor programs which are innovative, unique, and support diversity.  

9. D’Addario Foundation

What Is It?

The D'Addario Foundation supports music education in schools with its grants, but they prefer to support programs in ways other than buying instruments. They look for long term ways to support a music program.

How To Apply

Applying for this grant is a little unusual. Visit D’Addario Grants for more details, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Submit a letter of inquiry about your program.
  2. If invited to propose, submit a proposal for the deadline (with all the standard points).
  3. Receive funding and report of use of funds.
  4. Reapply for further funds on a yearly basis.

Special Considerations

Full details are at the website, but they’ve said they give preference to programs and projects meeting these ideas:

  • Non-profit
  • Affordable or tuition-free
  • Programs offering frequent instruction
  • Addressing a need in your community

10. ASCAP Foundation Grants

What Is It?

The American Society for Composers, Authors, and Publishers is normally a group dedicated to protecting the copyright of creators. But they also support their art with a foundation that gives to programs and new composers.

Grant funds depend on the request.

How To Apply

ASCAP only reviews grant proposals by invitation only. So your first step needs to be contacting the organization to introduce it to your program and what your project idea is.

If you are invited to submit a proposal, then you’ll need to provide the standard information involving how the money will be used and the timeline.

Special Considerations

As a composer organization, they give preference to projects supporting new music or encouraging such creativity in students.  


I hope you find these 10 music education grants you can apply for helpful.

Applying for grants can be a daunting process which is why these breakdowns may be helpful to you. Narrow them down by what your program needs and go get some funding for your program!

Written by Zach VanderGraaff